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Inspired by sunny California, Dirty White Shoes is an Alternative pop band duo consisting of Singer Songwriter Angel Ascencio, and Producer Mixing Engineer Jordan Waller. Their mix of big guitar solos, groovy drum beats, heavy synth and keyboard sounds, all come together to create a nostalgic tune to play on that sunset drive or under the moon. But its more than the music they create that makes this band captivating.

With the dynamics between the burgeoning instrumentation shed, and the carefully crafted words that come straight from the heart, you would think that Angel and Jordan are side by side in the creation process. Inflicting a spiral of our memories that are dug up from beneath the surface, it’s incredibly apparent that Dirty White Shoes are masters at tugging heartstrings and making hits while they’re at it. Their charisma shines through each musical note hit, and we know that it’s only a matter of time before the world sees them for what they truly are: undeniably talented musicians.

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